Grants and Donations


There are at least two reasons why we are very thankful for grants and donations!

  • The first reason is quite obvious: The money we receive is greatly needed and put to good use.
  • The second is the recognition of our efforts. Grants and donations are not awarded randomly and we are very grateful that knowledgeable people and organizations see the value of our hard work and deem us trustworthyof their generosity.
Many thanks from Wild Cat Foundation and SpayNation for Dogs & Cats
to the organizations below: We truly appreciate their help!








Many Thanks to:

  • Collin Grasley, for the template we used as a starting point for the creation of this site.
  • Oceanna Trzeciak for the beautiful pictures, including the cat on the banner.
  • Sharon Bruno, graphic designer, for designing our logo and for creating the banner.
  • Tekhead, for hosting this site.